Call your Representative to Say "Thanks" for Defeating Gas Tax

Too often, we call our legislators only to urge them to vote a certain way or to complain about how they voted, but fail to say "thanks" when they get it right. So I am asking each of you today to call your state representative to congratulate her/him for the success we are seeing in the House of Representatives this session.

Posted on May 31, 2017 .

Republicans Pass "Standstill" Budget and Fully Fund TOPS

Baton Rouge- Republican lawmakers in the House Appropriations Committee successfully amended and passed HB 1, the state's spending plan, on a 17-5 party-line vote. House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry (R- Metairie) provided a package of amendments that transformed the bill to a "standstill" budget, freezing state spending for next year at the current year's level, with the exception of some constitutionally mandated increases.

Posted on May 1, 2017 .

Exxon Mobil Chooses Texas over Taxes

Republican Delegation Chairman Lance Harris (R-Alexandria) said, “This is a sad day for Louisiana. What was once an attractive state for the oil and gas industry has now become a beacon of instability. The coastal lawsuits were a major warning sign that the legal environment is only getting worse. Talk of major tax changes that will cripple businesses in the state was likely the final straw.”

Posted on April 20, 2017 .

Another "All-Republican Night" in Louisiana

As Governor Edwards looks to use the next three years of his term to raise taxes and implement policies contrary to the values of the vast majority of Louisiana voters, we are looking forward to continuing to expose their lack of a bench in 2019 when several similar legislative seats will be open due to term limits.

Posted on March 26, 2017 .

LAGOP Statement on Resignation of Senator Troy Brown

  While announcing his resignation, Mr. Brown stated that he was doing so “with the sincerest hopes of sparing its precious body [the Louisiana Senate] any further embarrassment.” His refusal to resign when called upon by members of both parties caused a great deal of embarrassment to his district and became a stain on the dignity of the body to which he was elected. 

Posted on February 16, 2017 .

Louisiana Casts all 8 of its Electoral Votes in Favor of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence

BATON ROUGE- Today, in the face of unprecedented harassment, all eight Louisiana electors voted to elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and Mike Pence as Vice President of the United States. In November, over 58 percent of Louisiana’s voters cast their ballots for the Trump/Pence ticket. Since that time, Louisiana’s 8 electors and 8 alternate electors have been targeted by an unprecedented effort from out of state Democrats with tens of thousands of harassing emails, reams of hate mail and phone calls. 

Posted on December 19, 2016 .

Key Takeaways from Saturday's Victories

The last month has proved that John Bel Edwards’ victory in 2015 was the fluke.  The people of Louisiana have entrusted Republicans with their most important offices in almost every single major election since 2007.  Here are some key takeaways from our overwhelming victories on Saturday:

Posted on December 12, 2016 .