Top 4 Distortions of Mary Landrieu’s New Ad

Mary Landrieu’s first television ad only served to confirm that she is suffering from a crisis of credibility with Louisiana voters.

The ad, which attempts to distort and defend her positions on Obamacare, is both an insult to voters’ intelligence and factually incorrect.

“Mary Landrieu is facing a crisis of credibility,” LAGOP spokesperson Ryan Cross said. “Her ad distorts facts and attempts to rewrite history. As the latest poll numbers show, voters are rapidly losing trust in anything Mary Landrieu says.”

1) Landrieu Made The Same Promises As President Obama

Landrieu: “What I’ve said to the President is that you told them they could keep it.”

Fact: Mary Landrieu made the same promise on multiple occasions, knowing it was not true.

2) Landrieu Had The Chance To Protect Louisianians’ Insurance In 2010, But She Stood With Obama

Fact: Landrieu voted with every other Senate Democrat to protect the Obamacare rule that is kicking people off of their plans. (S.J.Res 39, Roll Call Vote #244 , Defeated 40-59: R 40-0; D 0-59, 9/29/10, Landrieu Voted Nay)

3) Landrieu’s Bill Never Passed, And Didn’t Even Get A Vote

Landrieu: “I’m fixing it…and that’s what my bill does.”

Fact: Mary Landrieu’s bill, The keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act, was introduced on November 4, and has sat in committee ever since. (S.1642, Introduced 11/4/13)

4) President Obama’s Solution Only Delays The Inevitable Until After The 2014 Elections

“The ads end with the display of a newspaper headline: ‘The Result: People now allowed to keep health care plans.’” (Bruce Alpert, “Sen. Landrieu Campaign Begins Ads Talking Up Her Efforts To Fix Affordable Care Act,” The Times-Picayune, 12/11/13)

Fact: If your health care plan was canceled, you can only keep it through 2014.


Posted on December 11, 2013 .