Washington Liberals Are Coming To Mary’s Defense

Today,  Senator Harry Reid’s Senate Majority PAC came to Mary Landrieu’s defense launching TV ads across Louisiana attacking Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy.

According to a Roll Call article, the Senate Majority PAC will spend $218,000 in TV advertising until Dec. 21 to try and save Mary Landrieu’s hemorrhaging poll numbers.

“It looks like Washington liberals are coming to the aide of one of their most loyal members,” said LAGOP spokesperson Ryan Cross. “Mary Landrieu’s poll numbers are hemorrhaging and she is suffering from a major credibility crisis. It’s no surprise she had to call in reinforcements…we’re just surprised it was this soon.”

Once again, in their ad, Washington liberals attempt to distort the truth and rewrite history.

Reid’s ad accuses Cassidy of voting to increase the retirement age in In 2005, Landrieu praised the 1983 law that gradually raised the retirement age from 65 To 67, which she said “saved the program.”

“Mary Landrieu has become the epitome of hypocrisy,” Cross said. “She votes one way and then tries to go back and rewrite history to save her political career. The people of Louisiana are not buying it.”


Posted on December 13, 2013 .