Mary Landrieu’s Medicare Deception

Mary Landrieu and the Louisiana Democratic Party are pulling out all of the stops to repair the damage done in the wake of Obamacare’s train wreck. 

As for Louisiana residents, the news only gets worse. As Democrats try and backtrack on Obamacare, we’re learning just how disastrous Obamacare is for Louisiana seniors and those on Medicare. 

“Mary Landrieu’s deciding vote for Obamacare will directly result in nearly $9.8 billion in cuts to Medicare from Louisiana,” said LAGOP spokesperson Ryan Cross. (Robert A. Book and Michael Ramlet, “What Is The Regional Impact Of The Medicare Fee-For-Service And Medicare Advantage Payment Reductions?” Carlson School Of Management, September 2012; CMS Website,, Accessed 9/17/13)

According to the New York Daily News, “due to reductions in funding under the law, the Medicare Advantage programs, in which Medicare provides money for private insurers to cover seniors, have quietly started to cancel the contracts of providers to save money.

An article by The Wall Street Journal points out that doctors are already being cut from Medicare Advantage plans because of the Administration’s cuts to the program. 

Despite this fact, Mary Landrieu’s liberal allies are once again distorting the truthto allege that congressional Republicans who supported the Budget written by Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives also supported the Medicare cuts contained in ObamaCare. 

Democrats cut into Medicare by more than $700 billion to help pay for ObamaCare. Taking funding from a crucial safety net program to pay for the President’s failing healthcare reform law is nonsensical policy that not only jeopardizes the long term solvency of Medicare for those approaching their sixties, but worsens America’s fiscal health by using blatant budget gimmicks to claim that the Affordable Care Act is actually Affordable. 

The Republican budget, passed in the House, uses that money to ensure the solvency of Medicare and institute other essential reforms. In fact, the Ryan budget even contained a deficit neutral reserve fund designed specifically to deal with the access problems that might result because of the president’s dangerous Medicare cuts (see page 135).”

“Mary Landrieu’s vote for Obamacare is causing Louisiana residents to lose their private health insurance, hurting senior citizens and cutting Medicare by more than $700 billion to help pay for it,” Cross said. “This is liberal deception and fiscal irresponsibility at its finest.”


Posted on December 4, 2013 .