Mary Landrieu: Says She is Pro-Energy, but Consistently Plays for the Anti-Energy Team

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled the next stage of his war on the middle-class with the announcement of his climate change plan.

Senator Mary Landrieu has been a reliable, unwavering member of President Obama’s team for many years. Her very presence in Washington D.C. has allowed the President, liberal special interests and Senate Democrats to advance their radical job-crushing agenda year-after-year.

“If Senator Landrieu truly supports Louisiana and the energy industry, why did she knowingly support a President who is anti-energy, twice,” asked LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere. “When the chips are down we know what team she plays for. She has known all along that Senator Harry Reid is anti-energy, yet her first vote every Congress is for him as majority leader. We refuse to allow her to masquerade behind her rhetoric while continuing to support President Obama’s anti-energy team.”

In recent years, Senator Landrieu’s political action committee, Jazz PAC, has donated thousands of dollars to elect and empower anti-energy Democrats across the country. (Open Secrets, 6/26/2013)

“Senator Landrieu’s Democratic anti-energy team has put a target on the back of the Louisiana oil and gas industry through de-facto moratoriums, absurd regulations and as of today, a radical energy plan that would be devastating to middle class families,” said Villere. “We understand that Senator Landrieu is powerless and has no means to stop this agenda’s advancement, but she can’t escape the blame for empowering the anti-energy zealots who are pushing it. Many years ago she chose her team. Louisiana deserves a Senator that won’t play for a team that consistently shows blatant disregard for Louisiana residents and their way of life.”

“We need to field a team that will put Louisiana first,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “Between the rising costs of Obamacare and this proposed energy tax, Louisiana’s middle class won’t know what hit them. Instead of senseless tax increases, Louisianians deserve pro-growth policies that create jobs and increase take home pay. Unfortunately, we won’t get that with Mary Landrieu.”


Posted on June 26, 2013 .