Why is Mary Landrieu Silent on the LA Demo Racism Controversy?

Almost one week after Senator Karen Carter Peterson called Louisianians who oppose Obamacare racist and ignited a firestorm of national press coverage, Senator Mary Landrieu has denied media requests to weigh in on the topic and condemn the chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party’s unfortunate remarks.

“We want to know why Senator Landrieu has refused to discuss this issue with the media, why she has not publicly denounced Peterson’s remarks and why she has not demanded a public apology from the head of her Democratic Party,” LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said. “Whose side is Senator Landrieu on? We hope she is not planning to accept state Party resources from a chairwoman who makes these kind of embarrassing and inflammatory remarks.”

“Senator Landrieu’s silence could be mistaken as support for Senator Peterson’s outrageous comments,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “As Louisiana’s last liberal standing, Senator Landrieu has a responsibility to her constituents to denounce this obviously wrong statement.”


“Despite media requests, Landrieu has not — and may not — weigh in on the topic. But she has continued to support the federal Affordable Care Act and she has repeatedly criticized Gov. Bobby Jindal for not adopting the Medicaid expansion,” Jordan Blum wrote in an article published in The Advocate this morning.


Posted on June 3, 2013 .