Mary Landrieu’s Oil & Gas Hypocrisy

This morning, on WWL Radio’s Garland Robinette Show, Mary Landrieu exposed her own hypocrisy toward Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.

In a radio interview today, Landrieu said she had to wait until former New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman (D) retired before she could bring the “Fair Act” up for a vote.

Landrieu said Bingaman was a long-time opponent of revenue sharing and favored capping it.

“I literally had to wait until Jeff Bingaman was no longer a Senator,” said Landrieu.

“What we’re having a hard time understanding is if Senator Bingaman was hurting Louisiana’s economy with caps on revenue sharing, why did Mary Landrieu’s PAC donate to his last campaign in 2006,” asked LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré.

Mary Landrieu’s “Jazz PAC” donated $2,000 in Bingaman’s 2006 reelection campaign.

“It’s this type of hypocrisy that has led Louisiana voters to feel that Mary Landrieu doesn’t truly fight for them and no longer represents their values,” said Doré. “The Mary Landrieu we see on the news is a whole lot different than the Mary Landrieu who supports Senate Democrats and President Obama in the back halls of the U.S. Capitol. President Obama knows that when the chips are down, he can count on Mary Landrieu’s vote, every time. Now, the Louisiana people are beginning to see that.”



Posted on July 24, 2013 .