The LAGOP Calls On Mary Landrieu To Take Action Against DOJ

August 27, 2013
Contact: Jason Doré


In a stroke of irony, this past weekend as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, President Obama’s Justice Department announced it was suing the state of Louisiana to prevent children from receiving school choice scholarships in order to escape failing public schools.

Today, LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré called on Mary Landrieu to take action and to demand the Department of Justice withdraw its lawsuit and stop attacking Louisiana’s equal opportunity education system.

“The Obama Justice Department is taking a powerful legal tool created to assist minority children and using it to push their political agenda and prevent equal opportunity to education,” said Doré. “Clearly the desegregation cases were meant to be used to help ensure equal opportunity to education for all children. Instead of promoting educational choice and allowing these children to be afforded the highest quality education possible, the Obama Administration would rather use Louisiana children as pawns in their despicable political games.”

On Meet the Press yesterday, Governor Bobby Jindal pointed out, “We’ve [Louisiana] got a scholarship program: 100% of the kids are low-income, 100% of the kids are in failing schools – C, D, or F schools, 90% of the kids are minorities. Eight thousand of those parents have chosen to take these dollars and send their kids to better schools, to other schools where they can get a better education, where it is a better fit for their children.”

Mary Landrieu even admitted that vouchers being used this way are beneficial when she told The Advocate, “A strategic use of state-funded vouchers could be appropriate…”

“It is appalling that the Justice Department is now saying those parents should not be allowed to make that choice,” Doré said. “Only the Obama administration could find a way to use anti-discrimination laws to discriminate on low-income, minority families who are just trying to ensure their children get a quality education so they can find a good-paying job.”

“Mary Landrieu should immediately come out in strong opposition to this ridiculous lawsuit and not merely issue a statement about it, she should join with our fellow Republican leaders in seeing to it that this issue is remedied and Louisiana family’s choice in education is not threatened or harmed,” said Doré. “This issue is clear cut and is just another example of the Obama Administration infringing on the rights of American citizens. We will wait to see what Mary does about it.”



Posted on August 27, 2013 .