LAGOP's Statement on Tonight's State of the Union Address

Tonight, President Obama plans to deliver a State of the Union Address that will be nothing more than the same empty rhetoric and failed policies we have heard since he took office.


News outlets have made clear that the President Obama’s address will attempt to provide cover for embattled Democrats like Mary Landrieu, who face tough re-election challenges later this year.


“President Obama can deliver a good speech," LAGOP Spokesman Ryan Cross said. "But can he deliver real solutions? The problems facing Louisiana families aren't going to be solved by a single speech. They will be solved by electing a new senator later this year and taking back the Senate from the hands of Washington liberals like Harry Reid and Mary Landrieu.”


The Washington establishment has broken its promises and deceived voters to pass a partisan, ideological agenda: from the stimulus that failed to jump start the economy, to driving up our debt to unsustainable levels, to raising taxes to fund wasteful government spending, to Obamacare, which jeopardizes Americans' current insurance and doctors.


“America is still waiting for the so-called 'change' we were promised in 2008,” Cross said. “Mary Landrieu has done nothing but contribute to the partisan divide and economic decline our nation has faced since President Obama took office.”


The gap between rich and poor has expanded to a disparity not seen since the Great Depression - all while the Democrats have controlled Washington. Growing our economy, getting people back to work, and ensuring that all Americans have the ability to get on and move up the ladder of success are all reasons why we seek a Republican majority in the Senate.


“Louisianians deserve better from Senator Landrieu,” Cross said. “As we continue to shed light on her liberal record, her credibility crisis will only get worse.”



Under the Obama/Washington Democrats’ Economy:


There Are 10.4 Million Unemployed Americans. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


There Are 3.9 Million Americans Who Have Been Unemployed For 27 Weeks Or Longer. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


The Average Number Of Weeks An American Spends Unemployed Has Nearly Doubled Under Obama – From 19.8 Weeks In January 2009 To 37.1 In December 2013. (BLS,, Accessed 1/27/14)


25.8 Percent Of Unemployed Americans Have Been Unemployed For A Year Or More – Up From 11 Percent When Obama Took Office In 2009. (BLS,, Accessed 1/27/14)


There Are 917,000 Discouraged Workers In The U.S. Who, Despite Wanting A Job, Are Not Currently Looking For Work Because They Believe No Jobs Are Available For Them. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


·         There Were 734,000 Discouraged Workers When Obama Took Office In January 2009. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


The Labor Force Participation Rate Is 62.8 Percent – Down From 65.7 Percent When President Obama Took Office In 2009. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


There Are 7.8 Million Americans Who Are Currently Working Part-Time Because They Can’t Find Full-Time Employment. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


There Are Three Times More Unemployed Americans Than There are Jobs Available. (PolitiFact, 1/7/14)


721,000 Construction Jobs Have Been Lost Since Obama Took Office. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


528,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Since Obama Took Office. (BLS Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


The Median Household Income Has Declined By $3,795 Since Obama Took Office. (Gordon Green and John Coder, “Household Income Trends Series: December 2013,” Sentier Research, 12/31/13)


·         Median Household Income Has Fallen For Five Consecutive Years. (The Huffington Post, 9/17/13)


The Income Gap Has Risen More Under President Obama Than It Did Under Bush And Clinton. (Investor’s Business Daily, 1/24/14)


There Are 46.5 Million Americans Living In Poverty (The Most All Time) – 6.7 Million More Than In 2008. (U.S. Census Bureau Website,, Accessed 1/27/14)


There Are 47.6 Million Americans Receiving Food Stamps – 19.4 Million More Than When Obama Took Office. (U.S. Department Of Agriculture,, Accessed 1/27/14)


The National Debt Has Increased $51,876 Per U.S. Household Since Obama Took Office. (U.S. Department Of Treasury,, Accessed 1/27/14; U.S. Census Bureau Website,, Accessed 12/12/13)


The Price Of Gas Has Increased 79 Percent Since Obama Took Office – From.(U.S. Energy And Information Administration, Accessed 1/27/14) 



Posted on January 28, 2014 .