Cassidy Contrast With Landrieu Clear

Tonight's U.S. Senate debate made one thing crystal clear: the contrast between Congressman Bill Cassidy and Obama rubber stamp Mary Landrieu couldn't be more distinct.

While Landrieu spent the evening trying to spin her terrible track record as a sure-thing vote for the President's failed agenda, Congressman Cassidy laid out a vision for the future and explained the importance of Louisiana for bringing a change in leadership to the Senate. 


Senator Landrieu doubled down on her support for ObamaCare and continued to claim her "clout" helps the energy industry - even though her support of anti-energy members of the Senate and lockstep support for President Obama's agenda undermine Louisiana's interests.

"Tonight, Louisiana voters saw they don't need to accept the Washington status quo of more government regulation and failed Obama policies that Senator Landrieu votes for 97 percent of the time," LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said. "It was painfully obvious Senator Landrieu has lost touch with Louisiana values as she futilely tried spin her own record being an Obama rubber stamp and a friend to the anti-energy forces of the Senate."



Posted on October 14, 2014 .