Landrieu Needs To Call For Travel Ban

The Republican Party of Louisiana today asked Senator Mary Landrieu to call for a travel ban to help combat the continued spread of the deadly Ebola virus.


As more and more potential cases of Ebola are uncovered, it becomes more of a serious public health issue for the United States. Despite the mounting threat, Senator Mary Landrieu has still not called for a travel ban or restrictions for individuals coming from West Africa. Congressman Dr. Bill Cassidy yesterday said such restrictions would help control the virus and ensure the safety and health of Americans.

Senator Landrieu was also largely absent earlier this year as the border security and humanitarian crisis unfolded right next door to Louisiana. 


“Senator Landrieu continues to pass the buck on important issues of national security, and the time for her to step up and take a bold stand is long past,” LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré said. “Dr. Cassidy is showing the kind of leadership Louisiana needs on this and other critical issues, and it is exactly this kind of leadership that has been missing from Senator Landrieu for too long.”

Posted on October 17, 2014 .