RNC, LAGOP Chairs Mark Landrieu's Keystone Show Vote Anniversary

Four months ago, Senator Mary Landrieu waved the white flag on one of her top priorities – getting the Keystone XL Pipeline built. But before she gave up trying to get a vote to approve the pipeline in the Senate and said it was “not my job” to convince President Obama to build the pipeline, Landrieu did what she’s best at – some self promotion. Landrieu held a show vote in the Energy Committee to try and provide some political cover for her re-election race.

But instead of helping her, the political theater only reinforced the large gulf between Landrieu’s supposed clout and her actual ability to deliver on the energy issues important to Louisiana.

Landrieu’s inability to deliver on energy issues has given the oil and gas community reason to reconsider their support for the Senator’s struggling campaign that is falling further and further behind Congressman Bill Cassidy in recent polls. 

On the four month anniversary of Landrieu’s Senate Energy Committee show vote, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere held a joint conference call with reporters.

Chairman Villere’s prepared remarks from this morning’s call are below:

Good morning on the issue of the Keystone Pipeline and other important energy issues, Senator Landrieu just isn’t getting the job done. 

She made such a big deal about making Keystone her number one focus when she took over as energy chair, and said getting a floor vote on the bill would be her top priority, but she just hasn’t gotten it done. 

And that follows the same pattern of other energy issues.

Senator Landrieu says her clout is invaluable for Louisiana, but she hasn’t gotten revenue sharing reform done, she votes time and time again for President Obama’s environmentalist bureaucrats and she didn’t do anything to stop EPA regulations that hurt Louisiana more than other Gulf states. 

And the pattern, time and time again is that Senator Landrieu talks a big game, she tells people what she thinks they want to hear, and then she just doesn’t follow through and blames other people. 

All the while Senator Landrieu goes around and endorses Harry Reid, who’s about as bad for the energy industry as they come, and writes check after check – tens of thousands of dollars – to anti-energy Democrats in the Senate. She literally undermines herself and undermines Louisiana at every turn. 

Well, Louisianians have caught on to that game and they’re tired of it. 

We want results, but the only results Landrieu has been giving us are the wrong ones – ObamaCare, the Obama economy and no Keystone Pipeline. 

Like I said, Louisiana is fed up with it, and that’s a major reason why we feel so good that Congressman Cassidy is going to send that message loud and clear and that Louisiana will have a new senator soon.

Posted on October 17, 2014 .