Obama is right about one thing: Landrieu looks out for him

Credit President Barack Obama - he's calling it how it is.

Earlier this month, the President said what everyone already knew: his policies were on the ballot this fall in the big Senate races dominating the midterms.

Now, he's at it again, blowing up Mary Landrieu's talking point about being an independent voice for Louisiana by saying vulnerable Democrats like Landrieu "vote with me, they have supported my agenda in Congress." 

Of course, Landrieu tries to hide from the fact she has supported the failed Obama agenda 97 percent of the time. But between the President's own remarks and her giving him a 7 out of 10 grade at a recent debate, it's clear a vote for Landrieu is a vote to continue the same failed policies of the last six years.

"Mary Landrieu isn't voting for the people of Louisiana in the Senate - she is voting for the interests of President Obama and the Washington, D.C. establishment," LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré said. "After voting for the Obama agenda 97 percent of the time, it's clear Senator Landrieu has picked Obama over Louisiana."

Posted on October 22, 2014 .