Throwback Thursday: Landrieu wanted to raise retirement age

As Mary Landrieu continues to flail in search of something to revive her stalled campaign for re-election, she has started attacking Dr. Bill Cassidy for something she once supported – ensuring Social Security’s long-term viability by gradually phasing in reforms without affecting those on or about to be on the program.

Four years ago Landrieu endorsed the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Plan, which would have phased in Social Security reforms and gradually raised the retirement age. Now, however, Landrieu is opposed to that sort of reform and willing to let Social Security continue on a fiscally unsustainable path. According to the Social Security Administration, the program’s trust fund will be broke within 30 years if no reforms are implemented.

“Unlike the horror stories she is trying to sell, Mary Landrieu’s flip flop and willingness to play politics and stand by as social security goes bust is the really scary situation for Louisiana workers. Social Security needs to be reformed so it will be there for future generations of seniors, but Mary Landrieu is only thinking as far ahead as what will be beneficial to her in the next election.” – Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director

Posted on October 23, 2014 .