Debate Highlights Landrieu's Desperation

Out of Touch Senator's Lack of Connection to Louisiana Values on Full Display

Down in the polls and seeing her campaign continue to struggle to connect with Louisiana voters, Mary Landrieu's struggling re-election campaign is in rough waters. But despite continuing to mislead the public about Bill Cassidy's record and run from her own, voters in Louisiana know the truth: Mary Landrieu’s supposed clout has done nothing but give Louisiana failed Obama policies.

Landrieu's continued insistence that she has "clout" fell flat, as it only reminded voters of her failed tenure as chair of the Senate Energy Committee. Instead of succeeding on issues like advancing the Keystone Pipeline, Landrieu undermined Louisiana by supporting Harry Reid and other anti-energy Senators. And Landrieu continued to play scare politics on issues like Social Security, despite the fact she also supported raising the retirement age

Time and time again, Landrieu's track record as an Obama rubber stamp was highlighted as the candidates discussed the difficult economic future faced by Louisiana families as a result of ObamaCare and other failed policies she voted for.

“Mary Landrieu has never been more desperate or more out of touch with Louisiana, and her painful attempts to spin her abysmal track record as an Obama rubber stamp made that perfectly clear tonight," LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said. "Landrieu doesn’t have a home in the state, clout in the Senate, or, increasingly, a viable path to re-election. Mary Landrieu made it clear to voters tonight that she doesn’t represent them – she represents the failed Obama agenda, and she has no plans to change.”

Posted on October 29, 2014 .