Landrieu's continued support for Obamacare hurts Louisiana

Mary Landrieu’s vote for ObamaCare – that she said she would cast again – keeps looking worse and worse. More and more middle class families are finding out their health insurance plans will be canceled as ObamaCare’s onerous regulations take hold. If ObamaCare isn’t cancelling families’ health plans, it’s forcing people to work fewer hours and take home less pay, like 400 people in northeast Louisiana recently found out. ObamaCare keeps looking worse and worse, and after President Obama said yesterday that his policies were on the ballot this fall, Mary Landrieu can’t hide from its ill effects on Louisiana voters.  

ObamaCare is bad for Louisiana



In March Of 2013, Landrieu Said She Was "Proud" Of Her Vote For ObamaCare, And "Glad" She Voted For It. "And the last thing she's worried about is having Republicans attack her for supporting ObamaCare. 'I am proud of my support for the Affordable Care Act, whether my opponents want to call it ACA or ObamaCare, I voted for it. I'm glad I voted for it,' Landrieu said." (Ginger Gibson, "Mary Landrieu's 2014 Playbook Is Her Own," Politico, 3/29/13)

  • In A December 2013 Interview, Landrieu Insisted That She Would Still Vote For ObamaCare Again If Given The Chance. LANDRIEU: "The Affordable Care Act, as I said, the bill itself, it's got very good concepts. And yes, I would support it again." ( WAFB, 12/4/13)

According To Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, 92,739 People Have Received Notices That Their Insurance Would Be Cancelled Due To ObamaCare. "His policy is among the 92,793 individual insurance plans that Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon reported would be discontinued because the coverage does not meet the coverage standards set by the federal Affordable Care Act." (Michelle Millhollon and Jordan Blum, "Business Owners Complain About Health Plan Changes," The Advocate, 11/7/13)

Three Of Four Insurers Participating In The ObamaCare Exchange Are Requesting Double-Digit Rate Increases. "Three of the four companies in Louisiana offering policies through the new online federal marketplace are asking for rate increases that top 10 percent for certain plans." (Ted Griggs, "Hikes Sought In Health Coverage Rates," The Advocate, 8/6/14)

45,000 Louisianans That Purchased Coverage Through Blue Cross And Blue Shield Face Premium Increase Up To Nearly 20 Percent. "Close to 45,000 Louisiana policyholders could see the rates for their health coverage jump anywhere from 10 percent to nearly 20 percent next year, and the state's largest insurer says the Affordable Care Act is a major reason. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana accounts for the bulk of those individual policies, which people buy directly from an insurance company rather than through their employer." (Ted Griggs, "Hikes Sought In Health Coverage Rates," The Advocate, 8/6/14)

Human Louisiana Customers Could Face A Premium Hike Of 15.7 Percent While Time Insurance Company Customers Could Face A 24 Percent Hike. "The 4,947 people who signed up with Human Louisiana face a hike of 15.7 percent, while the 966 insured residents with Time Insurance Company face a hike of 24 percent, according to the filings made public this week." (Bruce Alpert, "Some Insurance Carriers Looking For Double-Digit Increases For Affordable Care Act Policies," New Orleans Times Picayune, 7/15/14)

Posted on October 3, 2014 .