Gallup: Landrieu's ObamaCare hurts more than it helps

ObamaCare is on the ballot this fall, which is bad news for Mary Landrieu. Landrieu cast the deciding vote for ObamaCare, and said she would vote for it again – this despite more people still saying it negatively affects them than helps them.

It’s easy to see why…

ObamaCare is bad for Louisiana

·         60,000 Louisianans are facing double-digit insurance rate increases due to ObamaCare

·         400 Lincoln Parish School employees have hours, pay reduced because of ObamaCare

·         Tax dollars funding abortions under ObamaCare

·         More than 90,000 in Louisiana receive cancellation notices

·         Nearly two thirds of Louisianians think ObamaCare went too far

·         ObamaCare Forcing Louisiana Business Owner To Cut Hours For Part-Time Workers

·         Louisiana Company Laying Off Employees Because Of ObamaCare

·         ObamaCare Forcing Louisiana Restaurant To Lay Off Employees

“There’s no two ways about it – Mary Landrieu’s vote for ObamaCare is bad for middle class families and is bad for Louisiana. But instead of acknowledging the error of supporting President Obama’s failed agenda 97 percent of the time, Landrieu continues to double down on her bad votes, showing that after 17 years in Washington, D.C. she has lost touch with what matters to the people of Louisiana.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman  

Posted on October 8, 2014 .