Landrieu's border security failure creates dangerous situation for Louisiana

Mary Landrieu’s failure to act to secure the border, even as a as chair of a homeland security subcommittee, has created a dangerous situation for Louisiana. 

Landrieu had the responsibility to ensure our borders are secure. But she has failed to do so, and the security and humanitarian crisis that unfolded along the border highlighted this failure: Our border is insecure and there is no way to know whether people entering the country have dangerous backgrounds or infectious diseases. 

Landrieu continued her border security failure by voting to allow President Obama to take executive action to enact amnesty, and saying she opposed building a “dumb fence.”

“Because of Senator Landrieu’s inaction on border security, there is no way of stopping potentially dangerous and contagious people from crossing our southern border illegally. For too long, Senator Landrieu has played politics with border security and our nation’s immigration system – even going as far as to vote to allow President Obama to unilaterally enact executive amnesty.”– Jason Dore, LAGOP executive director

Posted on October 8, 2014 .