Air Mary In Free Fall

Air Mary is in a free fall just 26 days before the November election. 

First, President Obama said his failed agenda, which Mary Landrieu has supported 97 percent of the time and just 39 percent of Louisianians approve of, is on the ballot this fall.

Her support for those wildly unpopular policies like ObamaCare and her failure to deliver for Louisiana like she promised, along with her Chartergate scandal and residency controversy, are a big reason why she’s looking up at Bill Cassidy in the polls. In fact, of all the battle ground Senate races this election cycle, Bill Cassidy holds the largest lead in Real Clear Politics poll average – larger even than “safe” Republican seats like Georgia and Kentucky.

But the surest sign that Air Mary is having a rough ride is the stunning move she just made yesterday to can her campaign manager less than a month before the Nov. 4 election. While her campaign has tried to spin it as business as usual for Landrieu, make no mistake – this is a desperate move by a desperate candidate.

“Winning campaigns don’t throw the campaign manager overboard in October, just like championship teams don’t fire the head coach right before the playoffs. It is simply not a recipe for success. Senator Landrieu sees the writing on the wall – after 17 years as a Washington, D.C. resident and a rubber stamp for President Obama’s agenda, her days living on the taxpayer dime are numbered.” – Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director

Posted on October 9, 2014 .