Clinton's visit highlights Landrieu's weakness

Having implemented the Obama agenda Mary Landrieu voted in lockstep support of, refused to say where she stands on the Keystone XL Pipeline and made tone deaf comments about businesses not creating jobs and being “dead broke” after living in the White House, Hillary Clinton is a weak – at best – person to make the case to Louisiana voters why Landrieu should be re-elected.

Nevertheless, Clinton is campaigning in New Orleans with her down-in-the-polls Washington, D.C. neighbor Mary Landrieu today. 

“Mary Landrieu has tried everything to jump start her failing campaign – bringing Bill Clinton to town twice, misleading the public about her ability to deliver pro-energy policy for the state, and even suggesting Louisiana voters are bigoted. Bringing yet another out-of-touch-with-Louisiana surrogate to the state won’t change the fact Landrieu’s track record as a rubber stamp for the failed Obama agenda is an albatross around her neck.” – LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

Posted on November 1, 2014 .