LAGOP Announces GruberGate Website

The Republican Party of Louisiana today announced a microsite highlighting the connection between Mary Landrieu’s lies about ObamaCare and the recently revealed comments of White House ObamaCare advisor Jonathan Gruber. Visitors to the website,, can view ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber calling voters stupid and bragging about tricking people into supporting ObamaCare, President Obama saying he stole many ideas from Gruber, and Sen. Mary Landrieu reaffirming her support for the wildly unpopular health care law:

“Recently uncovered remarks from White House ObamaCare advisor Jonathan Gruber serve as a stark reminder that Mary Landrieu lied about ObamaCare,” LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dore said. “Landrieu promised on several occasions if consumers liked their healthcare they could keep it. However, Gruber’s comments touting ObamaCare’s lack of transparency make it more clear than ever the White House and Congressional Democrats like Mary Landrieu were intent on concealing every poison pill embedded in the legislation. 

“Landrieu needs to level with voters and explain why she does not regret voting for ObamaCare and whether she really does think that Louisiana voters are stupid.”

Posted on November 20, 2014 .