LAGOP Chairman Statement On Obama Executive Amnesty

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere issued the following statement regarding President Obama granting executive amnesty:

“Mary Landrieu opened the door for President Obama to go behind the back of the American people and grant executive amnesty, and tonight he did just that – even though he originally told the American people it would be against the Constitution to do so. Time and again, President Obama has shown he will do whatever it takes to satisfy his political goals, and he has had his favorite Louisiana Democrat, Mary Landrieu, standing by his side to act as a rubber stamp. His abuse of power is at unprecedented levels and the American people deserve better. Dr. Bill Cassidy will be a necessary check on President Obama’s continued abuse of power as Louisiana’s next U.S. Senator, a welcome change from Obama rubber stamp Mary Landrieu.” - LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere

Posted on November 20, 2014 .