Villere Salutes Col. Rob Maness and GOP Congressional Candidates

Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr. today thanked Col. Rob Maness (USAF, ret.) and the Republican candidates for Congress in Districts 5 and 6 who offered themselves as candidates in the November 4th general election.

"As LAGOP Chairman, I want to thank Col. Rob Maness for his service to our nation and congratulate him for offering himself as a candidate for public office. More than 200,000 Louisiana voters, many of them first time Republican voters, cast their ballots for Col. Maness and respect the honor and principled conservative leadership that he has shown. Col. Maness, his family and the many campaign staff members and volunteers who assisted him worked very hard for the past year. I believe that it is important for the Republican Party of Louisiana to acknowledge their efforts. Col. Maness has a bright future in the Louisiana GOP. 

Zach Dasher, Harris Brown, Clyde Holloway and Ed Tarpley also deserve recognition for their impressive efforts in the Fifth Congressional District race. They traveled many miles in a very large district to promote the conservative cause. They have our profound thanks for their efforts.

Paul Dietzel, Dan Claitor, Lenar Whitney, Craig McCulloch, Capt. Bob Bell and Dr. Trey Thomas participated in a very intense race in the Sixth Congressional District. They took time away from their families for many months to try to help redirect the course of our nation. Let's make sure we thank them their service as well.

As we begin to campaign for Bill Cassidy, Ralph Abraham and Garret Graves for their December run-off elections, please send a note of thanks to Col. Maness and our outstanding GOP congressional candidates for their service. I'm sure you'll agree that we have a lot of excellent contenders for public office in the years ahead. In fact, I am glad to report that Col. Maness and I will be meeting to discuss an organized effort to recruit some of his key supporters to run for office in the future, and ways in which we can make our endorsement process easier for first time candidates. I look forward to hearing from Col. Maness at our next SCC meeting as well. 

It will be important to capitalize on the work these candidates did to expand our party and bring a conservative message to new voters and to independents and libertarian Republican voters. While our first focus must be on winning the December 6 run off, we should immediately turn our attention afterwards to growing the party and unifying the party by reaching out to these new supporters.

Thanks for your hard work. I'll see you on the campaign trail in November.


Posted on November 8, 2014 .