Landry Condemns Cravins: Cravins’ Comments Prove Importance of Voter Integrity Program

BATON ROUGE, LA – Former U.S. Representative and current Chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana’s Voter Integrity Program Jeff Landry expressed his deep concern about comments from Donald Cravins, Sr. after video surfaced of the Opelousas Mayor encouraging voter fraud in Louisiana’s elections.

“The Democrat machine has once again been exposed for its efforts to mislead, cheat and steal when it comes to elections,” said Landry. “From voter impersonation and vote buying to the duplicative voting that Mayor Cravins encouraged, voter fraud is real; and I am on a mission to stop it.”

“Civil rights leaders, women’s suffragists and our nation’s veterans have sacrificed too much to let the despicable acts of desperate politicians cancel out the votes of honest, law-abiding citizens,” continued Landry. “All of us in Louisiana should be outraged by Mayor Cravins and the ilk who would commit voter fraud.”

“I will fight for the security and integrity of our elections by making sure every legally cast vote is counted and not diluted by fraud or negligence,” concluded Landry.

Democrat Party Boss and Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins, Sr. urges Democrats to commit voter fraud at Senator Mary Landrieu event.

Posted on December 1, 2014 .