Air Mary Flight Flier Raises More Questions

Today, the Republican Party of Louisiana called into question the validity of the flight records Mary Landrieu provided to reporters Monday evening showing her use of private charter flights from 1997 to 2002. Earlier this summer, Landrieu failed to follow through on her promise to release all travel records from her time in Senate, leaving off travel from the start of her Senate career. Even so, Landrieu copped to illegally flying private 43 times, costing taxpayers $34,000.

But even in (finally) following through on her promise, Landrieu’s vague flight flierleaves a lot of questions unanswered. Landrieu pointedly ducked questions from the press about her flight imbroglio after the debate.

- Were these flights for official or campaign purposes? 
- Are they the only flights Landrieu took during this time?
- After admitting to being a frequent flier during her last 12 years in office, does she really expect people to believe she only took 7 flights total over her first five years in the Senate?
- Why did Landrieu hide these seven flights from her initial report, when it would have been very easy to keep her promise to Louisiana voters and include them?
- Will Air Mary pay back the more than $10,000 she has now admitted to spending on charter air travel from 1997-2002?

“It is ludicrous that Mary Landrieu expects us to take her at her word when she has knowingly and purposefully deceived taxpayers in order to maintain her lavish lifestyle,” said Jason Doré, Executive Director of the LAGOP. “Her continual deception of Louisiana voters is nothing more than a desperate attempt to distract from her terrible track record as an Obama rubber stamp. Louisiana deserves answers from Mary Landrieu, not the same DC two step she has done around the truth throughout this campaign.”

Posted on December 3, 2014 .