ICYMI: 62,000 face canceled health plans

Earlier this week, according to the Associated Press, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced that 62,000 Louisiana residents face canceled health plans due to Obamacare.

LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere said he is holding Sen. Mary Landrieu responsible:

The Landrieu campaign's deceptive ads won't fool the 62,000 Louisianians who lost their insurance," Villere said. "Mary Landrieu didn't fix Obamacare. Her vote and 'Lie of The Year' have left thousands of Louisiana residents without the insurance they previously had. Obamacare can only be fixed by replacing Mary landrieu and repealing the law."

From the Associated Press:
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“Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon's office says the number of people in Louisiana who won't be able to keep their current insurance coverage because of the federal health overhaul has dropped to 62,000.

Ileana Ledet, a spokeswoman for Donelon, says Blue Cross Blue Shield was the only company doing business in Louisiana in the individual market that offered the "transitional relief" to stave off cancellations.

She says 31,240 policyholders will be able to keep plans that otherwise would have ended because they don't meet federal requirements under Obama's health law.

However, that's only one-third of the 92,800 people in Louisiana that companies said had existing plans that didn't meet requirements.”

Posted on February 21, 2014 .