LA GOP Chair: Landrieu owes Marine, other ObamaCare victims an apology

"The fact that Mary Landrieu would attack the integrity of a Louisiana combat veteran for speaking out about losing his insurance under ObamaCare is appalling," said LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere. "Senator Landrieu's shameless - and desperate - act of political self-preservation is beneath the office which she holds and is another reminder of how out of touch she has become after spending her entire adult life in elected office. Change is clearly needed, but an apology is needed even more. I hope Senator Landrieu delivers the apology deserved by Mr. Schiff and the more than 62,000 Louisianans who lost their insurance as a result of her vote for ObamaCare."


Sergeant Christopher Schiff in a recent AFP commercial discussing the impact Obamacare has had on he and his family.

 Sgt. Schiff on Fox News discussing the impact of Obamacare and discussing the fact that Mary Landrieu called into question his integrity. 

Uploaded toYouTube by Washington Free Beacon on 2014-04-24.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .