LAGOP Chairman's Statement on Mary Landrieu's "Shipbuilder" Ad

Chairman Villere's Statement on "Shipbuilder" Ad

Just seven months ago, Mary Landrieu arranged for the star of her latest ad, Boysie Bollinger, to receive a federal contract worth $250 million. 

The following is a statement from LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere: 

"Mary Landrieu's track record of coming through for ordinary Louisianans doesn't stack up with what she's done for her well-connected friends. Her persistent failures -- even as President Obama's energy chair -- to stand up to her friend Harry Reid to advance pro-energy, pro-growth policies have cost Louisiana for years. She also failed to tell Louisianans the truth about keeping their doctors under Obamacare and has been a rubber stamp for an Obama agenda that hinges on more spending, more debt and more government intrusion into citizens' lives.


"Voters are fed up with the failed status quo that Mary Landrieu has come to represent after 18 years in Washington, and she knows it. But instead of changing her tune, all she is offering voters is more of the same."

To read more about the $250 million Bollinger contract click here.


Posted on April 28, 2014 .