Landrieu's ObamaCare: Higher costs, fewer options

Mary Landrieu promised Louisiana families that they would be able to keep their health plans if they liked their health plans. Tens of thousands of Louisianians found out the hard way that was not true when they received notices their health insurance would be cancelled. 

Now, even people that have new health insurance through ObamaCare are facing higher health care costs and limited options when it comes to picking their doctors and treatments.

Mary Landrieu’s continued support for ObamaCare and complicity in its implementation will be a major issue for Louisiana voters in the fall – a recent poll found 57 percent of voters opposed ObamaCare and 55 percent of voters would factor in the law when deciding who to vote for. Landrieu’s current all-time low approval rating of 39 percent reflects voters’ disgust with her record.

“Mary Landrieu’s ObamaCare is a disaster for Louisiana families that are facing higher health care costs and fewer health care options,” Republican Party of Louisiana Executive Director Jason Doré said. “After 18 years as a Washington insider, Mary Landrieu is more committed to the Barack Obama-Harry Reid liberal establishment than Louisiana families. She continues to stand behind ObamaCare and has said she would vote for the law again if given the chance.”

Posted on May 14, 2014 .