SMOR Poll: Landrieu has lowest approval rating ever

poll released today by Southern Media and Opinion Research that found Mary Landrieu with a new all-time low approval rating of 39 percent. Landrieu has staked her campaign on the notion that Louisiana voters want someone with clout who can deliver for them in the Senate. Repeated failures to secure the Keystone Pipeline, including yesterday siding with Harry Reid to prevent a vote on the issue, undermine that claim.

Regarding Landrieu’s seniority, the poll found:

After being informed that Landrieu had been a U. S. Senator since 1996 and was recently appointed to Chair the U.S. Senate Energy Committee, 59% of the voters thought electing someone new was more important than keeping her in office. Landrieu’s seniority does little to sway voter choice for the U.S. Senate. Of the voters who responded they were undecided in the U.S. Senate trial heat question, 72% were of the opinion that electing someone new was more important than keeping her in office.

“This poll is more proof Mary Landrieu’s campaign is in real trouble. After 17 years in Washington, Louisiana voters have had enough of Mary Landrieu rubber stamping Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s liberal agenda. They want real leadership in the U.S. Senate – and they want the Keystone Pipeline, which Landrieu has repeatedly failed to deliver.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

Posted on May 8, 2014 .