LAGOP: Landrieu resorts to lying to save Senate seat

Republican Party of Louisiana Executive Director Jason Doré issued the following statement in response to Senator Mary Landrieu airing the first attack ad from a candidate in the 2014 Senate race:

“Dr. Cassidy has demonstrated his commitment to medicine and the people of Louisiana over his nearly three decades serving underprivileged patients in the state’s charity hospital system. Mary Landrieu should be ashamed of intentionally distorting this track record of selfless service, but she knows no shame. Between Harry Reid lying to voters on her behalf and this new ad, it’s clear that Mary Landrieu intends to lie her way into another term in the Senate. That kind of cynical, self-serving politics might work in Washington, D.C. where she has spent the last 18 years, but Louisiana voters deserve better.

“Senator Landrieu voted to gut Medicare by taking $716 billion from seniors to help pay for ObamaCare. Of course, she won’t be telling voters that, or about how she votes with President Obama 97 percent of the time. But after all those liberal votes and her inability to deliver the Keystone Pipeline or ensure Louisiana is treated fairly by the EPA, all that is left for Landrieu to do is go back to the tired playbook of smear and distort to try and desperately hang on to the Senate seat that she knows is quickly slipping away.”

Posted on July 11, 2014 .