ObamaCare lies continue to haunt Landrieu

As POLITICO points out, this has been a rough week for Mary Landrieu.

Her promise that ObamaCare would decrease health care costs was revealed to be a lie when insurance provider filings revealed nearly 60,000 Louisianians could face rate increases of up to 24 percent in 2015.

But while the rate hikes earned headlines this week, it’s important to remember the full Landrieu ObamaCare track record.

LIE: People that like their coverage “will be able to keep their current plan.
REALITY: More than 
92,000 Louisianans received notices their health insurance would be canceled because of ObamaCare.

LIE: ObamaCare “drives down costs and expands affordable health care choices” for small businesses
REALITY: Small businesses are facing 
massive health insurance cost increases. And the small business SHOP exchange that is supposed to help employers purchase coverage for their employees is still not fully operational. 

LIE: ObamaCare “strengthens Medicare, not weakens it
REALITY: To make the math work to pay for ObamaCare, Landrieu and her fellow Democrats robbed Medicare of $716 billion.

Posted on July 18, 2014 .