Revenue sharing -- Another example of Landrieu's ineffectiveness

Mary Landrieu said she can deliver for Louisiana, but the truth is she starts a lot of jobs and finishes none.

The latest example of a project unfinished is the offshore drilling revenue sharing reform. In her famed fake ad from earlier this year, Landrieu claimed victory. But in reality, Landrieu still hasn’t accomplished anything. In fact, according to an article out today “it seems unlikely [revenue sharing reform] will begin moving through the Senate anytime soon.

On top of stalling on revenue sharing, Landrieu has failed to follow through on other priorities:

-          Landrieu abandoned a bill to approve the Keystone XL bill after Harry Reid opposed it and said it was not her job to convince President Obama to sign off on the pipeline.

-          Landrieu touted her support for a bill that would return control of the red snapper industry to Louisiana, but then failed to whip the support necessary for the bill to win a Senate vote.

-          Landrieu couldn’t even get the Senate to approve a student loan bill that she had touted as a “vital piece” of her re-election agenda.  

“Every day there’s more proof that Mary Landrieu’s clout is nothing more than a figment of her own imagination. Mary Landrieu isn’t delivering for Louisiana and is desperately trying to pass off talk as action and results. Louisiana voters won’t buy that this fall, just like they won’t buy her track record of supporting President Obama 97 percent of the time.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

Posted on July 23, 2014 .