Does Landrieu support Obama's work permits for millions of illegals?

According to an Associated Press report, President Obama is making plans to grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

Thanks to the Obama-Landrieu economy that has produced the slowest recovery in more than 60 years, many Americans are struggling to find employment. The people hurt the most are low wage earners – just the same people that would have to compete with the illegal immigrants Obama would give work permits to.

Mary Landrieu has supported amnesty in the past, and has established herself as a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda. So does Mary Landrieu agree with the President about giving work permits to millions people in the country illegally?

Who do Mary Landrieu and Barack Obama support: The illegal immigrants who are already breaking the law, or hardworking Americans struggling to get by in Obama’s economy?

“Senator Landrieu is always willing to go to bat for President Obama, and having supported amnesty in the past it would only make sense for her to support the president’s radical action,” LAGOP executive director Jason Doré said.

Posted on July 29, 2014 .