Landrieu continues to hide on immigration

Just two years ago, Senator Landrieu “applauded” President Obama when he took executive action to grant temporary legal status to illegal immigrant minors, a move that many feel helped create the current border crisis. And over the years, she has supported the President when he unilaterally added exemptions or extensions to ObamaCare.

But now with her track record of supporting Obama executive actions and voting for his agenda 97 percent of the time, she is getting sheepish when it comes to the current border crisis next door to Louisiana. Landrieu has yet to say where she stands on the President’s plan to grant work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, and offered a vanilla non-answer quote to POLITICO.

These are not the hallmarks of an indispensable senator.

“Senator Landrieu is shrinking from the moment as a major crisis unfolds next door to Louisiana," LAGOP executive director Jason Doré said. "Now, she won’t even say whether she supports the President’s plan to give millions of illegal immigrants work permits. The truth is she has stood by President Obama as he took unilateral executive actions in the past – including on immigration and ObamaCare – so there is no reason to think she won’t support his overreach this time.”

Posted on July 30, 2014 .