Taxpayers foot Landrieu's private jet bill

It's interesting seeing how Senator Landrieu is spending Louisiana taxpayers’ money. According to information compiled by the Sunlight Foundation, Senator Landrieu has spent $47,000 of taxpayer funds on private air travel, including a $5,500 roundtrip flight between New Orleans and Lake Charles.

This comes on top of news yesterday that Louisiana families will face health insurance cost increases of up to 20 percent because of ObamaCare.

“The contrast couldn’t be more stark: Mary Landrieu is spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private jets while middle class Louisiana families struggle with skyrocketing health care costs due to her deciding vote for ObamaCare. Mary Landrieu just doesn’t appreciate the real world implications of voting with President Obama 97 percent of the time, and that’s probably because she has been part of the Washington, D.C. liberal establishment for nearly two decades.” – Ben Voelkel, RNC spokesman

Posted on July 31, 2014 .