LAGOP Statement on Landrieu Billing Taxpayers for Campaign Flight

The Republican Party of Louisiana issued the following statement from executive director Jason Doré in response to media reports that Senator Mary Landrieu broke the law by billing taxpayers for a private flight to and from a campaign fundraiser. It was previously reported Landrieu spent a total of $47,000 on taxpayer-funded private flights last year.

"Mary Landrieu’s misuse of taxpayer funds not only broke the law, but it is yet another example of a troubling pattern of Landrieu using Louisianans hard-earned money as her personal slush fund. Mary Landrieu voted to increase taxes by $1 trillion, spent almost $100,000 on private flights and lavish retreats and supports President Obama’s big-spending agenda 97 percent of the time, even as Louisiana families are struggling with massive ObamaCare cost increases.

"Even if a bill was sent to the wrong place, the responsibility lies solely with Senator Landrieu to pay it correctly. Yet she still used taxpayer money for what was known to be a campaign trip, and only backtracked months later when the press started sniffing around. Mary Landrieu might have thought she could get away with this sort of scam, but Louisiana voters will hold her accountable this fall." - Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director

Posted on August 13, 2014 .