LAGOP 'Air Mary' campaign highlights Landrieu's (sometimes-legal) private air travel

Today, the Republican Party of Louisiana launched its “Air Mary” campaign and Twitter feed ( to draw attention to Senator Mary Landrieu’s habit of using taxpayer funds to fly around the state on private airplanes. USA Today first reported on the vulnerable Senator’s habit, which has cost taxpayers$47,000 in the last year

But in the last few days, Landrieu’s private plane habit has gone from an expensive way to travel for official business to something much more troubling. A new CNN report out today details a second campaign-related flight Senator Landrieu paid for with taxpayer money. This flight, to Shreveport, cost $5,700. That means that between two campaign-related flights Landrieu charged taxpayers nearly $9,000 in clear violation of federal campaign finance law. Troublingly, Landrieu did nothing to rectify the situation until reporters came sniffing around. 

Please follow @AirMaryLA for updates on Air Mary and consider the following questions if reporting on Landrieu’s campaign finance violations.


  • Are there other taxpayer-funded campaign flights that haven’t been uncovered yet?
  • How can voters trust Landrieu to be an effective steward of taxpayer money when it is clear oversight of official funds is lax?
  • Will Landrieu issue an official apology to Louisiana taxpayers for these unlawful expenses?
  • Do you have to turn your phone to airplane mode when flying private (Sen. Landrieu should know)?

“Air Mary Landrieu seems to have no qualms spending taxpayer money to fly herself to campaign fundraisers. This is simply unacceptable. Even worse, Landrieu only admitted to these violations of campaign finance law after the media started sniffing around and asking questions. It really makes you wonder whether there are other instances out there Senator Landrieu is trying to hide from voters. After spending her entire adult life on the taxpayer dime, does Senator Landrieu think that taxpayers’ money is really her money?” – Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director

Posted on August 14, 2014 .