LAGOP calls for Landrieu to open books, travel records to independent investigation

new Politico report has identified two more campaign-related flights Mary Landrieu billed to taxpayers, bringing taxpayers' total bill to just less than $20,000. And that's just for the flights identified so far.  

Landrieu claimed they were isolated incidents and then tried to blame a Louisiana small business owner for her own office breaking the law. But after this latest round of news, her story is hard to believe. All told, Landrieu spent more $47,000 of taxpayer money on private airfare last year alone, earning her the nickname “Air Mary” and spawning a Twitter feed to highlight her taxpayer-paid excesses.

With pressure mounting, Landrieu is trying to sweep the scandal under the rug with an internal investigation. But that won’t do. Louisiana voters cannot trust the same people who turned a blind eye to the illegal activities that bilked taxpayers and who have a lot to lose personally and professionally to carry out an appropriate investigation.

Instead of a sham internal investigation to quell negative stories at a time her struggling campaign is falling behind in the polls and financially, Louisiana voters need to demand full transparency. Air Mary Landrieu needs to hire an independent accounting firm, paid for by her campaign, and fully open all official and campaign travel logs and all expenses paid from her Senate account for an investigation. 


“The privilege of holding elected office requires maintaining the public trust, and Landrieu has lost that trust after using taxpayers as her personal slush fund to pay for luxurious travel arrangements to campaign events,” LAGOP executive director Jason Doré said. “Every dollar Landrieu billed to taxpayers for campaign expenses is another dollar she is using to wage her desperate campaign to mislead the public about her sad track record. She realizes her only chance to keep living on the public dime is if voters don’t realize how out of touch she is on issues like abortion and ObamaCare and her ineffectiveness on energy issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline and offshore drilling revenue sharing reform. Landrieu needs to be held accountable for her disregard for acting in the best interests of Louisiana residents.”

Posted on August 18, 2014 .