Nicolas Maduro Joins Krewe of Landrieu

Mary Landrieu has cast her lot with some interesting people before, including virulent anti-energy Sen. Harry Reid and gun-grabbing New York City billionaire elitist Michael Bloomberg. But the newest member to the Krewe of Landrieu takes the cake. 

Before August Recess, the Senate was set to enact bipartisan sanctions against corrupt members of the socialist, anti-American Venezuelan government for human rights violations. But bought-and-paid-for Sen. Landrieu (D-Caracas) went to bat for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his cronies and got the sanctions killed

The Maduro File

- Handpicked successor to Hugo Chavez, who called the United States “the greatest terrorists in the world history
- Is “taking his cues from Cuba
- Venezuelan government commits “systematic” human rights abuses 
- Reportedly inciting violence against Venezuelan Jews
- Convinced Mary Landrieu to kill sanctions against his cronies

“Mary Landrieu is using her fabled clout to help corrupt anti-American Venezuelan socialists and human rights violators avoid bipartisan sanctions, but she won’t fight for the Keystone Pipeline, revenue sharing reform and other Louisiana priorities. The list of what Landrieu supports - ObamaCare, Harry Reid, abortion, and now corrupt South Americans that hate America – just keeps getting worse and worse for Louisiana.” – Jason Dore, LAGOP executive director

Posted on August 8, 2014 and filed under LASEN.