Landrieu's Broken Promises and Betrayed Trust

It's time the media holds Mary Landrieu accountable for the promises she makes to Louisiana voters. First she was able to blow past the deadline she herself set to release her Chartergate report. No one forced Landrieu to make Sept. 8 a deadline - she chose that date because that was a realistic timeline to produce a report. 

But she ignored it, the media neglected to hold her to her word and she shamefully dropped the report in a Friday afternoon news dump to bury a big story. 

But her missed deadline is small potatoes compared to her broken promise to come clean on her taxpayer-funded travel. Landrieu and her staff promised on multiple occasions that her report would include all travel going back to the beginning of her time in the Senate. Instead, the report only details travel back to 2002. Almost her entire first term is missing - during which time laws regarding use of taxpayer money for travel were actually less lenient than they are today. Furthermore, the report does not describe the faulty process that led to the illegal activity or who initiated it. 

"Given her track record and the way she has had to be forced into coming clean, Senator Landrieu has not given anyone reason to trust she is being completely forthright with the public," Republican Party of Louisiana Executive Director Jason Doré said. "Landrieu must be held to her word. A full and independent investigation into her travel going back to 1997 is necessary."

Other questions:

Will federal authorities begin an investigation into Landrieu's travel similar to the one brought against Rep. Joe Harrison?

On which Friday afternoon will Landrieu reveal details about the five years of travel not covered in Friday's report?

Will Landrieu repay taxpayers the interest due on the flights she has admitted she paid for illegally?

Posted on September 15, 2014 .