That sounds familiar

It’s time the facts speak for themselves. As much as he denies it, John Bel Edwards is a wannabe Barack Obama – to the point where he and his liberal colleagues steal from Obama’s vocabulary.

One of Edwards’ loudest allies, Steve Monaghan who is the President of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers Union, has said John Bel’s plan as Governor includes "recognizes everyone has to pay their fair share."

That sounds familiar... Likely because one of Obama’s favorite phrases is to remind the public that it’s only right for everyone to pay their fair share in higher taxes to subsidize the rest of the country.

We already pay more than our fair share, and we know that liberal Democrats want us to pay even more so that others can live off of taxpayer-funded government programs.

Louisiana cannot afford to have a third Obama term. John Bel Edwards believes that we should pay our “fair share,” which unfortunately means more work and higher taxes for us– without any of the benefits to pay for big government programs.

We don’t know about you, but that is not the Louisiana we want to live in.

That’s why we need to support David Vitter for Governor. David has a detailed plan so that we know exactly what kind of administration he would run. With his strong, conservative record, we can trust that David would fight to keep the government from imposing in our lives and our pocketbooks.

With early voting going on now through Saturday, November 14, we hope you vote for the only candidate who will fight for us, not Obama’s liberal ideas, and that man is David Vitter.

Posted on November 10, 2015 .