ICYMI: John Bel Edwards Lies About His Record on Taxes

John Bel Edwards campaign of deception continues. Throughout the election, Edwards has attempted to deceive the Louisiana voters by painting himself as a conservative. Edwards has attempted to make the West Point Honor Code the centerpiece of his campaign: "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Yet, as his legislative record clearly shows, the Edwards campaign is based upon deception and lies.

At last night’s debate, Edwards boldly proclaimed, “I have not voted for tax increases on businesses.”

Not only has Edwards voted for millions in tax increases on businesses, as the leader of the House Democrats he has led the charge to fill state budget gaps by increasing the tax burden on Louisiana businesses and families. During his eight years in the legislature, Edwards failed to propose any legislation to reform state spending and has never voted against a tax increase bill that has come for a vote before the House of Representatives. 

“(Last night), Rep. Edwards’ rhetoric on tax increases did not match his career voting record,” Brian Landry, vice president of LABI Political Action, said in a statement issued following the debate. “He claimed he did not support tax increases last session, despite the fact he clearly helped raise them by at least $700 million. He also claimed he supports spending cuts and efficiencies, despite the fact he has vocally opposed them in the Legislature.”

The truth is, Edwards is no conservative and certainly no friend to Louisiana small businesses. Throughout his term in the Legislature, Edwards has consistently fought the business community and instead has served as the floor leader for trial attorneys, liberal union bosses and his fellow leftwing Democrats in the legislature. His career voting record with business ranks lower than those of Mary Landrieu, Mitch Landrieu and Kathleen Blanco.

In the 2015 legislative session alone, Edwards supported legislation that imposed $2.8 billion in effective tax increases on businesses over the next five years and a $103 million increase in business utility bills.  

The record is clear: Edwards has not lived up to his own rhetoric or honor code.

Posted on November 17, 2015 .