John Bel would turn off Louisiana's lights

Did you see John Bel Edward’s outrageous ad where he blatantly lies about his oil and gas record? What is most offensive to us is that with a few clicks, anyone with internet access can find the facts to dismantle his lies.

Just like the candidate himself, the images of drilling he uses in his ad aren’t what they purport to be. The offshore drilling rigs pictured in his ad are not on the Louisiana coast. The images are stock drilling photos from California. Just like the deceptive stock photos, Jon Bel attempts to hide the fact that his values are more in line with the voters of California than Louisiana.

John Bel is not a friend to Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. There’s a reason why the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association endorsed David Vitter; not John Bel Edwards. And a lot of that is because he has gone out of his way to kill jobs and make it harder for energy producers to succeed. You can read all about it here on LOGA’s chart comparing David’s substantive, helpful record and John Bel’s failures.

One of the biggest issues facing Louisiana’s oil and gas growth and success is legacy lawsuits, which cost energy producers millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. You know who supports these legacy lawsuits? John Bel. In fact, he has opposed every effort to reform these corrupt litigation practices.

On the other hand, David Vitter is well-known for his long-term and consistent support of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. He has not only supported efforts to end these abusive legacy lawsuits, but he’s worked with LOGA to protect Louisiana’s energy industry so that we can invest back into Louisiana’s economy and create more good-paying jobs. He also has a specific plan to make reforms to end legacy lawsuits once and for all. And here’s a fun fact, David was the first member of Congress to introduce legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline years ago.

John Bel Edwards is bad for business. His record on oil and gas speaks for itself. If you’re at all worried about Louisiana’s money troubles and our ability to compete nationally and internationally, then David Vitter is the only choice for governor. Vote for David Vitter.

Posted on November 17, 2015 .