Don’t Give Obama the Keys to Louisiana’s Governor’s Mansion

We can’t be fooled again. How many times have voters been lied to and tricked by so-called “conservative Democrats?”


Last year with your help we were able to defeat Obama loyalist Mary Landrieu. Now, we have to defeat John Bel Edwards who is also blatantly lying to voters and campaigning as a moderate. 

Did you know that John Bel Edwards’ record is actually MORE LIBERAL than Mary Landrieu?  

John Bel Edwards was an Obama delegate, standing proudly with Karen Carter Peterson to support Barack Obama. He’s supported Obama’s plan on settling Syrian refugees in Louisiana, voted to force Obamacare on Louisiana families, opposed welfare reform, and has voted for BILLIONS in higher taxes. John Bel Edwards is even receiving campaign help from the Louisiana Planned Parenthood director!

Voters can’t be deceived again by liberal liars like John Bel Edwards and give Obama the keys to Louisiana’s Governor’s mansion. Louisiana families and taxpayers can’t afford this dangerous possibility. Let’s keep Louisiana red and vote for the only conservative choice for governor – Vote David Vitter!

Posted on November 18, 2015 .