The Real John Bel

Before early voting begins this weekend, we want to make sure you know the facts about the candidates in this Governor’s race. David Vitter is the true conservative who has the courage and the record to fight for what we believe in.

Do you know who doesn’t? John Bel Edwards.

John Bel can’t politic his way past his poor record on social issues, and he can’t honestly answer questions about why he is not 100% pro-life.

Fact: John Bel doesn’t share our same values and does not have a defensible record supporting life.

Even after those disturbing, disgusting videos came out, John Bel said that he would not strip Planned Parenthood of funding immediately and wanted “to let the investigation play out.”

In 2006, John Bel Edwards said, “Abortion is the freedom of choice, between the appropriate parties and their higher power,” and that abortions should be legal after the first trimester of pregnancy.

In 2009, John Bel Edwards authored and passed an anti-life, fetal experimentation amendment. The Edwards amendment stripped legal protections for medical professionals who object to performing certain forms of abortion on religious on religious grounds. Evidently, Louisiana Right to Life publicly opposed Edwards' amendment.

That’s not all. John Bel has a failing grade with the Louisiana Family Forum. His lifetime average of 51.6% actually makes him one of the most liberal members of the Louisiana Legislature.

It’s quite obvious that John Bel Edwards is nothing more than an Obama liberal trying to masquerade himself as something else.
What we need is a strong conservative leader who understands the importance of fighting for our values and our future, and the only candidate in the race for Governor who is capable of that is David Vitter.

David is committing to protecting the lives of unborn children and supporting religious freedoms.

Louisiana deserves better than John Bel Edwards. Louisiana deserves a leader like David Vitter.

Posted on November 5, 2015 .