Thank You LA House Republicans

On Thursday, eight brave Republican members of the Louisiana House of Representatives voted for the Paycheck Protection Bill and successfully passed this vital legislation out of committee. This legislation, HB 418 by Rep. Stuart Bishop, prevents the state government from automatically withholding union dues from the paychecks of government employees. We still have a long way to go before this bill becomes law, but this was an important step as liberal union leaders killed similar legislation in this committee twice before.

These eight heroes endured hours of angry testimony and threats from liberal extremists. The abuse that they endured was unacceptable. I believe that they deserve to hear some words of appreciation from the good guys, so I have included their names and email addresses below. Please take a few minutes to send them a note of appreciation for standing with Louisiana taxpayers. 

Chris Broadwater -
Stuart Bishop -
Lance Harris -
Valarie Hodges -
Blake Miguez -
Clay Schexnayder -
Alan Seabaugh -
Julie Stokes -
Lenar Whitney -

Thanks for standing with us on this important legislation.

Posted on May 1, 2015 .