Newsflash: Democrat Chair Bashes Jindal for Something He Didn't Do

Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chairman of the Louisiana Democrat Party, today tweeted a quote form Governor Bobby Jindal. The only problem: Jindal never said it. The quote was from a parody site on the web that Peterson thought was real.

Here is Peterson's tweet:

It's no newsflash that the Democrat Party is bashing Governor Jindal for things he didn't do. That's been going on for some time. While the Dems have complained about the Jindal record, the Governor and the Republican-led Louisiana Legislature have cut the state budget by 26% in real dollars over 7 years. State government has 30,000 fewer employees. And Governor Jindal has been 100% reliable on traditional marriage, the Second Amendment, protecting the unborn and education reform.

"It's a good day in Louisiana if the Democrats are focused on anything other than trying to keep children trapped in failing schools," LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré said. "That seems to be their mission, so if they want to waste more time attacking Republicans for things we didn't do and for saying things we didn't say, that's fine. A brief look at Louisiana's political environment shows that the voters aren't buying what they're selling any more," Doré said.

Posted on July 8, 2015 .