Hillary Clinton visited Louisiana today, but only to pick up checks from New Orleans liberals at a high-dollar fundraiser this afternoon at the home of Frances and Calvin Fayard, hosted by Mitch and Mary Landrieu. It was the second of three fundraiser Mrs. Clinton had scheduled for the day. The other two are in Charlotte and Houston while Chelsea is fundraising for her mother in New York City.  

"This is yet another shining example of how out of touch she and the Democratic party are with everyday Americans,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dore. "As Hillary’s poll numbers continue to slide, the FBI Investigation into her emails builds and her base of support shrinks, we see more and more of Mrs. Clinton foregoing public events in exchange for far left, big money fundraisers." 

Notably absent from the fundraiser invite was Governor John Bel Edwards. 

"We are anxiously waiting to see if Governor Edwards will endorse Hillary's scandal plagued candidacy or self-described Socialist Bernie Sanders. Edwards apparently was unable to attend the Hillary funder because he was busy in Baton Rouge breaking his campaign promises by proposing to raise taxes on all LA residents and businesses,” Dore said.

Posted on January 19, 2016 .