ICYMI: The Honor Code Governor, John Bel Edwards, Breaks Yet Another Campaign Promise

Edwards publicly based his gubernatorial campaign on the West Point Honor Code: "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Yet, not a month has passed and Edwards has already broken several key campaign promises by pushing leftwing appointments and liberal policies and releasing a plan to balance the state budget entirely with tax increases. Yesterday, Associated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte broke the story on another Edwards' broken promise. After criticizing the previous administration’s executive salaries and promising to cut them, Edwards kept most of those salaries in place and increased the pay for several positions.

“Less than a month into his administration, it is becoming more and more evident that John Bel Edwards' campaign promises were little more than empty rhetoric,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dore. “Whether it was his promise to govern as a centrist, balance the budget without tax increases, push a pro-life agenda or cut executive salaries, few, if any, campaign promises remain intact."

Gov. John Bel Edwards keeps Bobby Jindal-era salaries he criticized as ‘exorbitant’


When he was a candidate, John Bel Edwards said Louisiana’s Cabinet secretaries were paid too much by then-Gov. Bobby Jindal, calling the salaries “exorbitant.” But since he moved into the Governor’s Office, Edwards has kept most of those salaries in place and boosted them further in some instances.

Decisions by Edwards to keep Jindal’s salary levels — and bump some paychecks higher — come as Louisiana grapples with its worst budget troubles in nearly 30 years. Public colleges and health services are threatened with deep cuts, and Edwards is asking lawmakers to raise taxes to fill gaps.

And the pay rates don’t dovetail with Edwards’ rhetoric when he ran for office.


“We’re not going to pay the same salaries that Bobby Jindal’s been paying. They’re exorbitant. They’re too high. We’re going to reduce those costs right off the top,” Edwards said at the time.

But since becoming governor, Edwards, who receives a $130,000 salary outlined in state law, appears to have changed his mind.

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Posted on January 27, 2016 .